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Optimize Blog Post For New Keyword

Source: Academy

Build Audience

New keyword ranking opportunity

Use Google Analytics to find keywords with rank >10, < 70, and difficulty score < 70.

Determine which blog articles are ranking for these keywords and perfect their on-page SEO.

Curate a list of the most popular blog articles, over a time period, and link them to your post.

Then, naturally link the post your optimizing to these popular blog articles using a tracking URL.

Increase Organic Traffic

Better target buyer personas

Generate new leads

Brainstorm Blog Ideas With BuzzSumo

Build Audience


Go to Buzzsumo and enter a competitors blog URL, an influencer's URL, or popular topic.

Manipulate the search results until you find the most shared and most relevant articles.

Brainstorming similar titles with the help of news organizations and a blog generator.

Define a few working titles, score them and identify how to improve them with this headline grader.

4-6 hours to complete

5x increase in traffic

Complete 1x every week

Comment on Industry and Influencer Blogs

Build Audience

New blog post published

Create a tracking URL for new blog post using this handy URL builder by Google.

Search Google Alerts for the post's topic and create an alert if you dont already have one.

Leave thoughtful comments on related blogs and don't just write "awesome post".

In the comment, hyperlink your post using the tracking URL. Track what articles bring new traffic.

Quickly spread a number of linking opportunities

Build reputation on multiple blogs and in different communities

Validate buyer persona learning through engagement

Build inbound links from strong sites

Deliver Value

Research blog's topic and gather numerous sources (links) to backup any data or claim.

Collect each author's contact information using If you can't find a email, search twitter.

Write a personalized message to each author telling them how much you enjoyed their content.

Create a tracking link, name the source "outreach" and request each author checks it out

Build influencer relationships

Increase reach and inbound links

Build better content